Forecast Discussion

Forecast valid from 18/08/2017 to 19/08/2017

Departamento Meteorologico Aruba


At 18/1200 UTC, Tropical Storm Harvey is located near 13.0N
60.3W, moving west at 16 kt. Maximum sustained wind speed has
increased to 35 kt with gusts to 45 kt. A cluster of moderate
to strong convection is noted from 11N-16N between 58W-64W.
Harvey should move through the Windward Islands then enter
the eastern Caribbean today.


A tropical wave is moving across the eastern Atlantic with axis
extending from 17N30W to a 1010 mb near 13N31W to 06N31W.
Scattered moderate convection is from 12N-18N between 30W-35W.
This wave has a low change of becoming a tropical cyclone
through 5 days.

A tropical wave extends its axis from 20N48W to a 1010 mb low
near 16N49W to 09N48W. Scattered moderate convection is noted
from 16N-20N between 47W-51W. The shower and thunderstorm activity
is mostly associated with the area of low pressure. This system has
a high change of becoming a tropical cyclone during the next 48 hours.

Next update will be issued 19/08/2017 16:00UTC